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About us

I can help with tax problems whether you just need to file or the IRS is on your case about not filing for a while. I handle tax audits and also general accounting and auditing.

Doug Erwin

Scales Of Justice


I’ve been an accountant for over twenty years. My practice has provided me the opportunity to work with so many unique and interesting people which is what I love about accounting. Over the last ten years I have developed a niche in non profits specifically with charter schools. I get to help school leaders by providing feedback in the form of financials, meeting DOE requirements with the annual audit, and preparing the 990 tax return. Ultimately I get to help the kids in a small way and that means a lot to me.

Prior to my charter school experience I have done a little of everything. My experience includes a diamond buying trip to Africa, meeting governmental leaders at the World Bank on African development, auditing one if the largest servicing banks for Fannie Mae, and I work with a lot of small businesses and individuals in accounting and tax preparation.

To keep my sanity I also have two boys and my wife without who I would probably just go fishing and I recently took up painting.

I look forward to meeting others and expanding my horizons.


Auburn University, Bachelor’s Degree, Accounting